Daily Routine

A Day in a Life at Peter Pan

This is an introduction of how the general flow of a day at Peter Pan is like.
English is the sole language used in the classroom.
Start early and join us in an international friendly setting.
Teachers and staff will greet each child with a cheerful “good morning” in hope that children will reciprocate the same friendly manner towards others. Children will learn to place their shoes and coat at their assigned spot and take pride in their ability to accomplish the routines by themselves.
Children will settle down in the classroom by building structures using Creative Blocks, enhancing children’s creativity which is a skill considered to be lacking amongst the Japanese. This activity will enable children to focus, learn to share and cooperate, and encourage children to be creative and original.
Children and the teachers will gather in a circle to sing and finger play to various nursery rhymes. This provides children the opportunity to creatively experiment with body movements and learn to express oneself both physically and verbally in a proper fashion. Presentation of the monthly topics as well as calendar work will also take place at this time, exposing children to various language and mathematical concepts.
Children learn to follow instructions (“Circle one please”), while attending and concentrating on one task. It also introduces reading and writing (helps their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination); vocabulary related to weather, calendar and feelings. Thus, it gives a sense of continuity (every class starts the same way) and provides the chance for children to become self-aware (“How do you feel today?”)
Children will venture outside, enjoying the nature while taking a walk. Finding and gathering seasonal items, such as flowers in the spring and acorn/pine cones in the fall, will also take place, providing an opportunity for teacher and children to discuss their feelings and thoughts.
Special helper of the day will be responsible to prepare snack by placing equal amount of crackers and cheese on each place. This enables children to learn number concepts through daily activities. Encouraging proper eating etiquette and fostering a sense of consideration towards others are also values we hope to instill amongst the students.
Children will listen to the story read by the teacher as a group. The teacher will tailor the questions according to the students’ level. This provides each individual the opportunity to be praised and encourages students to freely voice their thoughts and feelings.
Children will choose a job and learn to complete each tasks with minimum help. Completing each task will instill a sense of accomplishment, bringing great satisfaction to the children especially when learning is self-initiated. Each job consists of various learning components in areas of mathematics, language, and geography. This enables children to learn through play and simultaneously practicing eye-hand coordination.
Each project is introduced and accomplished in steps so as to ensure that each accomplished art pieces are unique and high in quality.
Aside from learning the proper eating manners, lunch time is an enjoyable moment of the day where children get to share their thoughts about food. Eating and discussing about food allows teachers to direct children’s attention to nutrition and how healthy/unhealthy food affects our body. Children will also learn to clean up by wiping the table and checking their faces in the mirror.
Children will view an interactive, educational DVD with the teacher on a large screen. Teacher will sit with the children and actively engage in conversation about the DVD to keep children focused on the screen.
Children are encouraged to get ready to go home with teacher supporting each child in a subtle way so children feel the joy of accomplishing routines on their own.
At Peter Pan, teaching is preceded in an “All English” fashion. Proper verbal cues are given at an appropriate timing/situation to ensure that the acquisition of English language is natural and attractive to your child.
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